Use ChatGPT-like
models with your
own data securely

Harness the power of LLMs while maintaining privacy 

and control of your data with DetaBord

Our vision

Make generative AI work for you in a secure manner

Models like ChatGPT are immensely powerful, but do not necessarily respect privacy and data sovereignty, potentially putting your data – and organization – at risk.

These models also need to be fine-tuned for specific, internal company data in order to answer important questions relevant to your organization. With DetaBord, you can unleash the power of your data with the help of generative AI, without exposing your intellectual property or confidential data.

Bring the power of LLMs to your data

Roundhouse compatibility

Privacy-first AI

Ensures privacy & control

The data always remains in control of the data owner. DetaBord offers fully customizable access controls and policy mechanisms. Privacy-enhancing technologies like differential privacy and encryption provide verifiable data protection, bulletproof transactional logs guarantee complete transparency and auditability.


Leverage your valuable data

Improve internal efficiency and gather important information for your organization based on your unique data. Continue on the insights provided by generative AI with the development of specific models with your data by trusted AI developers and data scientists. 


Enable collaboration with third parties

Enhance collaborative research and development. With DetaBord, you can securely connect internal units or external partners. You can also monetize your data without compromising personal or commercial liability.


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