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DetaBord is a platform for Ethical AI and secure data analytics. With DetaBord, data records that contain sensitive information such as personal data or business secrets can be stored in a secure enclave. At the same time, DetaBord ensures that this data can be used for data science analysis and machine learning. Machine learning, in particular, poses great challenges to data security, since certain models can be used to disclose information about individual data records. DetaBord therefore implements a robust security concept based on the principle of differential privacy in order to enable AI modeling – for predictions about the entirety of the data set whilst protecting individual data records.

DetaBord offers external data science teams the opportunity to work with sensitive data without having to change this data themselves. DetaBord is therefore perfectly suitable for protecting sensitive data and for adhering to strict data protection regulations.

This documentation provides an overview of the DetaBord software system. Please refer to the inline documentation of the individual software components for detailed documentations.

This documentation is devided intro four main parts:

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