Installation Manual – Networks


DetaBord uses multiple networks to ensure a safe environment. At least two networks should be set up in DetaBord:

The private network, which for example corresponds to the customer’s internal network and is not accessible from “outside”. This network contains the confidential data that can be made available for machine learning, as well as the DetaBord instance itself, which consists of the platform and the runtime environment.

The public network, on the other hand, is freely accessible and can be used to allow users outside the private network to access the DetaBord instance.

Public Network

ApplicationcomponentProtocolDirection Description
clidashboardTCP/8080Inboundcli frontend running on port 8080
clidashboardTCP/9000Outboundcli frontend uses internal api via Rest API / WebSockets
cliapiTCP/9000Inboundcli api running on port 9000
cliinternalTCP/8000Outboundcli communicates with proxy (full-duplex communication using WebSocket)
proxyinternalTCP/8000InboundWebSocket proxy server running on port 8000

Private Network

ApplicationcomponentProtocolDirection Description
platforminternalTCP/8000 Outboundplatform communicates with proxy (full-duplex communication using WebSocket)
platforminternalTCP/5000Outboundplatform communicates with tracking_server
serviceinternalTCP/8000Outboundplugins (internal computation entities) are pushing results to proxy
serviceinternalTCP/5000Outboundplugins (internal computation entities) are pushing results to tracking_server
tracking_serverinternalTCP/5000Inboundtracking server (mlflow)

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